More Judges for 2018 Will be announced soon.

We are pleased to announce 
Huck Barry Hound - Salt Lake City

Huck Barry Hound found the leather community a mere year and some change ago. Enthusiastically, Huck jumped fist first into just about any kink he could get his hand into. Anywhere from puppy play to cigars and blood, you’ll find Huck’s trail of J-Lube. However, as far and wide as Huck’s interests reach; leather is always a fetish that follows him. There is no scene that could not be made hotter without someone in full hide. Huck is the 2017 Puppy for the Rocky Mountain Puppy & Trainer Contest and will compete in the 2018 International Puppy & Trainer Contest. Huck is a graduate of Leftenant Fox’s Begleithund Class, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Rocky Mountain Pet Alliance. With a history of activism in his vanilla life, Huck aims to continue to work for sex positivity and inclusion. 

Levi "Otter" - Denver

Levi "Otter" hails from Denver where he proudly represents his state as Mr Leather Colorado 2011. His adventure into the leather and kink community started as a young boy when he was given his first pair of boots and taught how to care for leather gear. That experience taught him not only invaluable skills as a bootblack but also the importance of education passed down to the next generation. While teaching at events he is regularly accompanied by his pups Sprocket, Tai, and most recent addition Huck. Their poly family affectionately named Otter Nonsense has made it a mission of theirs to be a loud voice for diversity, and the safety that comes from not just education but the celebration of all people and critters as equals in beauty and voice.