Master Bernie - Salt Lake City

Master Bernie began his journey into kink when he read a Drummer magazine in 1981. He liked what he saw and purchased a leather jacket and motorcycle boots the next day. My Leather journey began with that first step. I stepped into the old Sun Tavern and began convincing other likeminded men to start on me as a bottom.

He has been a member of Utah Powerplay, Utah Power Exchange (UPEX) and The Path. He taught classes to each of these organizations starting in 1995.

He is a cadet from the first Journeyman III (Three) Academy in Salt Lake City, Utah. His journey carried him to Chicago, Illinois, where he became an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, a gay male sex club. His kinky mission is to flog and single tail as many willing volunteers that will step up to the plate.

I like electro stimulation, needles, paddling, whipping (flogging; light to heavy), interrogating, boys on dildos and fuck machines, metal bondage and restraint, collaring boys for use and abuse(temp or permanent), humiliation (when the boy's mind is strong), Tandem topping, whenever possible, mummification and single tails (light to bloody raw).

Kenny - Utah

It was my last attempt. It took so long to build up the courage to be here. As I entered I could see a fairly empty bar. My heart sank. I shyly asked the doorman if the Wasatch Leathermen’s Association Meet and Greet would be here tonight. They were at another event, but they would surely be in later. I worked up the courage to stay and wait. I met Rod and he helped bring me into the Leather Community and introduced me to my first “Trainer”.

Since then I have been the Secretary of the WLA, a graduate of The Wasatch Academy for the Refinement of Ladies and Gentlemen of Leather, Blackboots bartender, and part of Utah Rebellion as a Barber, Head Judge, Stage Manager, Entertainer, and Emcee. While I may not be around all the time I work hard to educate and show the Heart of the Community to all I meet. Thank you, Andrew, for inviting me to be part of Leather Pride.